All equipment produced by Ansco Engineering Ltd is manufactured in house. All manufactured products exceed the international food hygiene standards.


We provide an extensive range of workshop services:

  • Laser Cutting for sheet and Hollow sections
  • Waterjet cutting service
  • Turret punching (30 ton capacity)
  • Complete in house machine shop including milling and CNC lathes,
    Broaching, Slotting & Grinding
  • CNC Cutting & Perforating
  • Sheet grinding and Deburring
  • CAD design service
  • Tube & Pipe rolling, bending & notching

Laser Cutting

Our 6kw laser cutting service provides a one-stop-shop for sheet metal fabricationdesign and engineering. Our team can design, manufacture and ship laser cut blanks, components or finished products for clients  throughout New Zealand and overseas.


  • Working range: 3050mm x 1520mm
  • Mild Steel thickness: 25 mm
  • Stainless Steel thickness: 20mm
  • Aluminium thickness: 16mm
  • Copper thickness: 8mm
  • Brass thickness: 8mm

A full range of material sizes and grades are kept in stock for quick turnarounds

Deburring Service

Our Grinding and Deburring machine saves hours of labour  by automatically removing anything from large dross to small sharp edges. Creates ae smooth rounded edge and aesthetically pleasing surface finish.


-1500mm wide

-up to 100mm thick products

Machine Shop

Two CNC Lathes and two CNC Milling machines allow a us to produce an efficient and fast product. CNC Broaching.

All materials from plastics to stainless and exotic alloys are easily machined to extremely high tolerances.

Waterjet Cutting

The High pressure Waterjet cutting machine can cut virtually any material up to 100mm thick. The 50Hp intensifier pump  allows 2D shapes to be cut effortlessly & efficiently, saving time & money.

The 3m x 1.5m cutting bed is ideal for large sheets of material.

The dedicated vacuum lifting gantry saves valuable time transferring sheets to & from the machine & is ideal for fragile materials.