All equipment produced by Ansco Engineering Ltd is manufactured in house. All manufactured products exceed the international food hygiene standards.


We provide an extensive range of workshop services:

  • CAD Design Service
  • Waterjet cutting service
  • Turret punching (30 ton capacity)
  • Complete in house machine shop including milling and CNC lathes,
    Broaching, Slotting & Grinding
  • CNC Cutting & Perforating
  • Transition Development
  • Customised plant and machinery
  • Tube & Pipe rolling, bending & notching

Computer Aided Design

With the use of Solidworks, Ansco Engineering Ltd are able to produce a vast range of machinery and equipment.

With our extensive knowledge and understanding of our customer’s requirements, we can produce designs and plans which are able to be viewed and approved before production gets underway, ensuring that all equipment is produced to our clients exacting requirements.

Pegasus 302 Turret Punch

Our Turret Punch Machine has the ability to perform a wide range of tasks to produce a sheet metal part that is not only cost effective to produce but accurate when repeating large numbers.

All parts are designed on a CAD design package, with consistent accuracy. Perforated sheets & intricated profile parts are quickly & efficiently produced.

CNC lathes

Ansco Engineering’s Ltd Topturn S25B CNC lathe is capable of one off jobs right through to full production runs. Our Fagor conversational controller is easy to programme which means quick setup times and cost effective jobs. Our 10 station automatic turret, combined with a comprehensive Capto tooling range, allows for fast setups and super quick cycle times.

All materials from plastics to stainless and exotic alloys are easily machined to extremely high tolerances.

Waterjet Cutting

Our new 5 axis High pressure Waterjet cutting machine can cut virtually any material up to 100mm thick. The 50Hp intensifier pump coupled with the 5 axis cutting head allows 3D shapes to be cut effortlessly & efficiently, saving time & money.

The 3m x 1.5m cutting bed is ideal for large sheets of material.

The dedicated vacuum lifting gantry saves valuable time transferring sheets to & from the machine & is ideal for fragile materials.