• Mussel farming equipment.
  • Specialised equipment for growing, seeding, harvesting & grading.
  • Large range of processing equipment with different capacities available.

Rope hauling systems

Mussel rope hauling & stripping systems

Mussel Declumpers

Declumping machine for separating & cleaning mussels

Declumper outfeed conveyors

Conveyor elevators from Declumping units

Mussel Seeders

Automatic seeding machine for continuous rope culture

Socking loader

Semi automatic machine for loading cotton socking onto

Mussel graders

Mussel grading machines with adjustable grades

Brush cleaners

Brush cleaning unit for shellfish


Rope Lifting system for Mussel harvesting vessels

Hydraulic power packs

Hydraulic power packs

Rope washer

Rope cleaning unit after rope is stripped of mussels

Walking wheels

Walking wheels for Mussels longlines

Rope reconditioning equipment

Equipment to untwist & renew old culture rope