• Specialised processing equipment for the Blue & Green mussel industry.
  • Turn-key installations from initial design to final commissioning.
  • Equipment ranging from grading through to freezing & packing.
  • All equipment manufactured to the highest hygiene guidelines.

Vibratory conveyors

Designed for spreading, grading & even feeding of

Pressure cookers

Steam pressure cookers to produce meat & halfshell

Processing tables

Half shell opening tables

Shell Crushers

Designed to crush the shell to minimise waste volume

Meat shakers

Designed to separate shells from meat by shaking across

Feed hoppers

Bulk bag feeding systems

Inversion baths

System to invert Halfshell mussels prior to freezing


Mussel Debyssing (Debearding) machine

Mussel cookers

Waterbath cookers for Blanching & Conditioning

Mussel extract centrifuge

Mussel slurry extraction system

Mussel Graders

Land based factory Mussel grader

Inspection conveyors

Manual inspection conveyors

Brush cleaners

Brush cleaning unit for shellfish

Water-cooling conveyors

Water-bath conveyor designed for cooling product

Packing lines

Packing lines for packing of bags & cartons


Spray or immersion type water glazing systems