Specialised equipment for all types of fish processing including:

  • Cutting lines, trimming & packing lines
  • Coated product equipment
  • Factory trawler factories, design, manufacture & installation
  • Bin tippers & De-icers
  • Bin & carton handling systems
  • Conveyors
  • Case washing systems

Salmon Processing Equipment

Equipment for Salmon harvesting & processing

Trio Skinning machines

New skinning drums & on-site machining service

Cutting Lines

12 station fish filleting line

Knock-Out Machines

System for removing frozen cartons from freezing frames

Packing Lines

Fish Cutting Machines

Multi-bladed machine designed to cut whole fish or

Mixers & Blenders

Fish blending systems

Rotary Bin Holding Tanks

90 & 180 degree bins

Coated Products

Battering & crumbing equipment

Fish de-icing system

Case tippers

Fully automatic case tipping system